NEST Scholarships – 2018

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Free Programming Videos for Campus Placement Preparation

These videos cover frequently asked interview questions.

  1. C program to find the Maximum of two numbers 

  2. C program to find the size of an Integer

  3. Java program to find a Number is palindrome or not

  4. C program to find the Increment every element 

  5. JAVA program to find a Number is prime Number or not 

  6. Java program to print a sample out using for loop 

  7. Java program to swap two numbers 

  8. Java program to check if the number is Armstrong number

  9. Difference between a structure and an Array 

  10.  C program using an unsigned integer  

  11. What is Native Code in JAVA 

  12. C program using Max function 

  13. C program using struct and Char functions 

  14. C program using Arrays and unsigned Integers 

  15. Object Oriented Programming Language – Introduction

  16. Java Programming Language – Basics

  17. Object Oriented Programming – JAVA -Application and Documentation

  18. Object Oriented Programming(JAVA) – Platform & server

  19. Object Oriented Programming – JAVA – Libraries

  20. C Programming Language Basics – Data Types