Rules & Regulations



  1. All personal belongings including personal text books, library borrowed books, printed materials and other note books will not be allowed inside the stack hall. These may be allowed inside the general reading room only.
  2. Wearing of coats, jackets, sweaters, caps, hats are not allowed inside the stack hall. The Library staff reserve the right to inspect any person who appears suspicious.
  3. Students without ID card & uniform will not be allowed.
  4. The readers shall maintain silence within the library premises. Conversations, gossip, use of mobile phones are not to be allowed. No reader is allowed to sleep in the premises. Users who violate these rules are liable for suspension from library privileges and may face disciplinary action.
  5. Readers are requested not to write or mark or otherwise disfigure or damage books, computers, furniture, etc. In case of doing any damage, the person responsible will be punished as per rules and will be required to replace the article damaged or pay its replacement cost as per library rules.
  6. The Library staff has the right to request a user to leave the premise if the user violates the rules.
  7. Eatables are not allowed inside the Library.


  • Borrowers are to produce their ID cards when borrowing resource materials.
  • ID cards are not transferable. The use of the card is restricted to the user to whom the card is issued.
  • Members must satisfy themselves about the physical conditions of the library material being issued. They shall be held responsible for any damage/mutilation noticed at the time of return.


All the library users (Students, Staff members & others) should be clear the dues (borrowed resource materials) and users should surrender their ID card to get the No-Due from the library or else they are liable to pay of Rs.100/- for ID card.

Loss of Books and ID/Smart Cards

Loss of Book: Where an item is lost or damaged, the borrower will be charged for the item as follows.

  • The member has to procure a new library edition copy of the same with processing fee of Rs.50/- per book and overdue fines if any.
  • A sum of three times the estimated cost of an item will be charged for an out-of-print item.

Loss of ID/Smart Card: In case of loss of ID card the member must report immediately to the library. The replacement fee for the card is Rs.100/- and resubmit the application form with a photograph.